Technical Tracks
TT1: Energy storage devices Track Chairs: Hao Luo, Hengzhao Yang, and Cong-Sheng Huang
TT2: Power converters Track Chairs: Hao Ma, Minfan Fu, and Terrence Lam
TT3: Renewable energy systems Track Chairs: Giampaolo Buticchi, Zhan Li, and Zhaojian Wang
TT4: Microgrids and smart grids Track Chairs: Yang Bo, Xianghui Cao, and Renke Huang
TT5: Resilience for energy systems Track Chairs: Mian Li and Chandan Kumar
TT6: Transport electrification Track Chairs: Hanyang Zhuang and Yeqiang Qian
TT7: Smart buildings, cities, farming and agriculture Track Chairs: Chong Han and Kimfung Tseng
TT8: AI-based technologies for sustainable energy applications Track Chairs: Yifei Zhu, Zhengkai Li, and Yiyan Li